Part I - Compulsory information to be provided to the client

  1. Your lawyer and his office

You are entrusting your case to Nick Peeters, LL.M.

Nick Peeters, LL.M. is a lawyer in Belgium, and is registered at the Bar Association of Antwerp and Brussels (Dutch-speaking).

Nick Peeters’ office, is established at 2030 Antwerp, Noorderlaan 98 and at 1020 Brussels, Versailleslaan 6.

Nick Peeters, LL.M. exercises the profession of lawyer as a partner of the BV HUMANS IN LAW, an association within the meaning of the Rules and regulations of the Order of Flemish Bar Associations of 8 November 2006 concerning partnerships between lawyers and concerning one-man companies of lawyers.

The registered office is established at 2000 ANTWERP, Noorderlaan 98.

Nick Peeters’ company registration number is 0732.493.421.

You can reach Nick Peeters, LL.M. by email at np@essenzia.be.

Nick Peeters’ professional liability is insured at Amlin Europe N.V., with registered office at Amstelveen, the Netherlands – Commercial register no. 33055009; Branch office Belgium – RPR 0416.056.358 – Company authorised under code no. 0745. The policy insuring Nick Peeters’ professional liability provides coverage in the whole world, subject to clarifications and exceptions included in the third-party liability policy for lawyers.

  1. Your lawyer and the provided services

Nick Peeters, LL.M. provides the following services: legal advice, support in disputes before the court, support in extra-judicial dispute settlement (arbitration and mediation).

In some cases, Nick Peeters, LL.M. contracts other lawyers to work on his clients’ cases, but he remains fully responsible vis-à-vis the client.

  1. For more information or in case of complaints

If you want more information or if you have a complaint, you can reach Nick Peeters, LL.M.:

  • by post at the following addresses:
    • Noorderlaan 98, 2030 Antwerp
    • Versailleslaan 6, 1020 Brussel
  • by fax to number: 03/234.36.32
  • by email to the following address: np@essenzia.be
  • by phone to number: 03/234.36.34

Part II - Supplementary information - at the client's request

  1. How much does your lawyer cost?

The fee is calculated at a rate of € 75 to € 220 an hour exclusive of VAT, which varies depending on the lawyer in question’s seniority and the complexity of the case.

Administrative costs are calculated at 16% of the fee and comprise the costs of correspondence, copies, telephone, email, etc. Travel expenses are charged at € 0.45 per kilometre.

These rates are subject to deviating special agreements.

  1. Professional rules and codes of conduct

Registered as a lawyer at the Bar Associations of Antwerp and Brussels (Dutch-speaking), Nick Peeters, LL.M. is subjected to the regulations of the Order of Flemish Bar Associations and the National Order, which can be consulted at http://advocaat.be/Een-advocaat-raadplegen/Wat-is-een-advocaat, as well as the regulations of his Bar Association which can be consulted at www.balieantwerpen.be.

Part III - To be included in every information document in which services are described in detail.

Multidisciplinary activities and multidisciplinary partnerships

Nick Peeters LL.M. is not part of any multidisciplinary activities and/or multidisciplinary partnerships. He therefore does not include any information here in any information documents in which he describes his services in detail.

Part IV - To be specified in every document in which services are described in detail

  1. Out-of-court settlement

If no solution is found to a consumer dispute within a reasonable period by means of communication with the firm, you as the client can call upon LIGECA (ombudsman service – www.ligeca.be) with a view to an out-of-court settlement.

The intervention of Mr Nick Peeters is also subject to an out-of-court settlement, provided for in the following code of conduct or regulations: Regulations on collection of fees of the Bar of Antwerp dated 27 June 2005.

For more information about the features and conditions of application of this arrangement, please see the website http://www.balieantwerpen.be/nl/een-advocaat/erelonen/klachten.

  1. Complaints

For more information in the event of complaints, please go to http://www.advocaat.be/een-advocaat-raadplegen/Problemen-met-uw-advocaat.