Contract law and the law of obligations, commercial law, corporate law and insolvency law

Looking for an experienced lawyer who provides personal assistance for various problems?

Klaas Koentges provides advice and assists companies with their contractual and non-contractual relations.

Klaas Koentges has experience and a thorough knowledge of corporate law. He assists companies, shareholders and directors with the various facets of business life which may confront them (transfer of assets, the share transfer procedure, conflicts and disputes between shareholders, directors’ liability, mergers and takeovers, etc.).

Moreover, Klaas Koentges is in a position to provide you with assistance and advice as regards national and international commercial contracts in all fields with which a company may be confronted, for the drafting, revision and follow-up of the fulfilment of these contracts.

As a client, contractor, architect or property developer, you can also receive assistance in real estate and construction law with regard to drawing up contracts, conducting negotiations, mediating disputes and carrying out procedures before, during and after the implementation of construction projects.

Klaas Koentges has been included in the list of liquidators with the Commercial Court of Antwerp since 2018.